Satellite Lamp
Dirk Vander Kooij

Satellite Lamp

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Dirk Vander Kooij Satellite Lamp  

Satellite Lamp is created out of recycled CD cases in order to explore the possibilities of 3D printing.

The beautiful object is made using ground-up recycled CD cases, which Dirk has melted into two concave shapes fitting neatly into one another. Three fluorescent lights are placed between the layers, each with a different temperature to emit various intensities of light. Two large knobs that work like a mixing tap control the light: one knob for warm and one for cold. The ruffled texture of the lamp modulates and diffuses the light revealing a warm glow that can increase or decrease in intensity.

NOTE: Indoor use only.

The Endless Process
The title "Endless" refers to an endless thread of synthetic material and infinite possibilities. He used an old industrial robot and reprogrammed it in such a way that it could "print" furniture. In a virtually perpetual movement the robot extrudes recycled refrigerator interiors into chairs or any other kind of furniture.

Glass like Synthetics

3 x 60W high efficient T5 day light (40W + 22W warm light) adjustable intensity / temperature

22.8" H x 19.7" Depth

Dirk vander Kooij designs are made to order using the 3D Endless Printer Robot headquartered at Eindhove, Netherlands. 
Please allow 12 to 14 weeks to ship.

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